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Here at The Wood Artisan customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

Whether you are purchasing one of the wide varieties of clock styles we offer - including Kit-Cat Clocks, having a family heirloom clock restored or repaired, or having a clock or other furniture item custom built, we want you to be completely satisfied.


What we offer


On site clock repair:

In the past 23 years we have repaired nearly every type and style of clock there is from replacing movements in quartz clocks to full disassembly of mechanical movements.  Cuckoo Clocks are our specialty!  We can also fabricate new gears and other needed parts for older movements as well as doing exterior case repairs.



Full Woodworking Shop:

This allows us to do everything from clock case repairs, to building you your own unique one of a kind custom clock or furniture piece.  In our fully equipped wood shop we can build anything custom out of wood.  If you can dream it we can build it - anything from stringed musical instruments to Fine Furniture.  How about a custom made Grandfather clock?



What you’ll find in our store:

The items we sell are always changing so it can be a new experience each time you visit.

We are an authorized Kit-Cat Dealer.  So you will always find the loveable (and made in the USA for over 80 years) Classic Kit-Cat, Lady Kit-Cat, and Kitty-Cat clocks in a variety of beautiful colors.

You’ll find Interesting clocks such as Glass Clocks made by Hungarian Glass Artisans; Whimsical Metal Clocks beautifully airbrushed in brilliant colors made in the Phillipines; Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest (also available to order in many other styles)

Something you will ONLY find in our store is unique one of a kind clocks and other wooden items made by Karl Fox, The Wood Artisan himself!  These items are of the highest quality and beautifully made with attention to every detail.  These are the type of treasures that you will pass along for generations.

If you aren’t a clock lover you still may find something you like.  We offer many other non-clock items.  Although everything in the shop is either clock related or has a nautical theme – after all we are located right on the river.  Some of the fun things we have are great little (and not so little) wind-up toys for big kids and tiny little music boxes.  Do you like rainbows?  How about a rainbow maker???

Enjoy a drive to Grafton along the Beautiful Great River Road and come check us out. 

We are located at 22 East Main Street, Unit #5 near Route 3 and the Grafton Ferry.


Authorized Dealer



 Authorized Dealer