Location & Hours

We are located at 22 East Main Street, Unit #5 in Grafton, IL



This Location is TEMPORARILY closed due to river flooding


We will return to our Grafton location once the water recedes


Until then, please call 618-786-3699, leave your name, phone number and a message


We generally check messages and return phone calls between 2pm and 4pm daily


We look forward to seeing you in Grafton, after the flood waters have gone down

Phone:  618-786-3699


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Here is a sampling of Some of the Clock Parts that we have Fabricated


Fast/Slow Assembly for a New Haven Mantel Clock

Gear End of the Fast/Slow Assembly

Key End of the Fast/Slow Assembly




Damaged Pinion

Repaired Pinion/Arbor



Escapement Wheel Being Made

Creating a New Pendulum


New Cam for Cuckoo Clock Made

Original (on left) is plastic and no longer available to buy

New one (on right) is brass and will hold up longer