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We are located at 22 East Main Street, Unit #5 in Grafton, IL



This Location is TEMPORARILY closed due to "shelter-in-place" order


We will return to our Grafton location once the order has been lifted


Until then, please call 618-786-3699, leave your name, phone number and a message


We generally check messages daily and will return your call as soon as possible


We look forward to seeing you in Grafton once the "shelter-in-place" order has been lifted


Phone:  618-786-3699


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>We give free estimates before work is performed

>We specialize in Cuckoo Clock Repair

>We repair Grandfather Clocks (service call charge applies)

>We repair anything from Quartz Clocks to Tubular Bell Grandfather Clocks

>We can manufacture or repair clock gears and other clock parts

>We have a fully equipped cabinet shop which allows us to fabricate any wooden parts necessary to repair or restore the cases of your fine timepieces


Prices for clock repairs vary depending on the work needing done

Below is a list of charges for some common basic services


Quart Movement Replacement$20.00 plus cost of new movement

                                                                  (prices vary depending on the functions of the movement)

Time Only Clock*:       $115.00**


Time and Strike*:        $155.00**


Time, Strike, Chime*:  $195.00**


*This includes:  removing the movement from the case, complete disassembly, inspection, lubrication (of each bushing, points of contact, and mainsprings), cleaning the inside of the case with compressed air, remounting the movement into the case, re-align strike/chime hammers and clean case including glass


**For Cuckoo clocks and hairspring movements add 25% to the above charges


Should any parts need repaired or replaced (bushings, pivots, wheels, etc.) there will be additional charges for parts and labor ($40.00 per hour) included in the quoted price


Any bushings that need replaced will be an additional $16.50 per bushing (includes parts and labor)


Service Calls for Grandfather Clocks:  $75.00 - $125.00

(For in home repairs or pick up and return of Grandfather Movements)