Location & Hours

We are located at 22 East Main Street, Unit #5 in Grafton, IL


Due to COVID-19 we are

Open by Appointment ONLY

for returning clocks and taking in new clock repairs                             


Please call us at 618-786-3699

to set up an appointment time.


If you reach our answering machine, please leave your name, phone number and a message.


We generally check messages daily and will return your call as soon as possible


We look forward to seeing you in Grafton in the near future


Phone:  618-786-3699


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Items Available for Purchase in Our Store in Grafton, IL


This is a sampling of just some of the items we have available to purchase

when you visit us at our store in Grafton, IL

A Wall Full of a Variety of Items from 

Wind Up Toys to River Themed Items


 Cherry Hardwood Shelf Clock

custom designed and built

Westminster Chimes - Roman Numerals

German made movement






 Moon Clock

Glows in the Dark for up to 4 Hours

Face is authentic lunar images

taken in Western France by

Astronomy Photographer Norbert

Round Domed Glass Cover



Metal Butterfly Clock and

Metal Bird Clock

$69.00 each




Metal Clocks 07-30-16

Metal Cat - $59.00 - SOLD

Metal Tea Pot - $49.00 - SOLD

Metal Frog - $59.00 - SOLD

Metal Owl - $49.00 - SOLD


Big Wheel Gear Clock

(as seen on Will and Grace Show)



Kit Cat Wall 07-30-16

(call for color availability)

Kit-Cat Clocks, Lady Kit-Cat Clocks, Kitty-Cat Clocks

Acrylic Stands (either size), Round Smile Clock






Large Restored Cuckoo 07-30-16

  1 Day 16" Kunec Cuckoo Clock

(fully Overhauled)















 Fisherman Cuckoo 07-30-16

1 Day Musical Cuckoo Clock 

with Fisherman, Water Wheel, Dancers

Plays Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer

 $969.00 - SOLD

(suggested retail $1,369.00)   


Three Cuckoos 07-30-16 

1 Day Chimney Sweep Cuckoo Clock (New) - $349.95 - SOLD

 1 Day Post WWII Cuckoo (fully overhauled) - $195.00 - SOLD

1 Day Small Grape Leaf Cuckoo (fully overhauled) - $175.00 - SOLD

 Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks also available to special order in nearly any style and size



 Critters 07-30-16

 SOME of our Wind Up Toys for Big Kids

(from top back center going counter clockwise)

Pintacuda, Z-Car, Bonga, Skidum, Pea,

Samu, Myxikikker

$11.25 - $19.95


Rainbow Twirlers 07-30-16

Rainbow Twirlers - $2.99 each

 Music Boxes 07-30-16

 Music Boxes

16 Different Melodies Available - $6.95 each

Amazing Grace, Baby Elephant Walk, Braham's Lullaby, Happy Birthday, Here Comes the Sun, If I Only Had a Brain, Imagine, Let it Be, Over the Rainbow, Singin' In the Rain, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, What a Wonderful World, Yesterday, You Are My Sunshine, You've Got a Friend


Make Your Own, Music Box Kit - $19.95


Hanging Galileo 07-30-16

Hanging Galileo Thermometer

with Cherry Finished Wood Frame

17 Inches Tall






Antique Wood Sand Timer

Three Tier Glass

Antique Wood Sand Timer

$74.95 - SOLD

(suggested retail price $119.00)

Restored Grandfather Clock

Colonial of Zealand

Grandmother Clock

Pine Case

Fully Overhauled

$585.00 - SOLD



Restored Clocks 07-30-16

Fully Overhauled Pre-Owned Clocks

Waltham 31 Day - $195.00 - SOLD

Korean D&A 31 Day - $175.00 - SOLD

Seth Thomas Tambour - $225.00 - SOLD



River Themed Items

River Themed Items

Key Chains - $7.50

Enamel Mugs - $8.50

Metal Storage Box - $18.50

Lighthouse Lantern/Flashlight

GRAFTON printed on them $8.50 - SOLD



Feel free to call about pricing and availability:  618-786-3699


We are located at 22 East Main Street in Grafton, IL


Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm

             Sunday 1:00pm-4:00pm

             Also Available by Appointment